Pleated Blinds

Browse our staggering range of made-to-measure pleated blinds, perfect for controlling light and privacy. Pleated blinds have delicate infolds for an elegant, streamlined finish and reduce heat loss, keeping the room warm in winters. All our pleated blinds are cord operated; however, our advisor will fit a child safety cleat or hook as standard. You may choose to get the blinds installed into a perfect-fit frame that requires no drilling and fits perfectly against the window glass into the uPVC frame. Pleated blinds are also available in blackout lining, minimizing light, creating a restful and calm environment in the bedroom. All in all pleated blinds are the perfect style solution for all window dressings and come with great practical benefits.

Buy astonshing pleated blinds perfect fit for your home space 

Pleated blinds have slick folds on the double layered texture; this particular specification is to give a protecting layer. Pleated blinds perfect fit works about as warmth boundaries during summers keeping your room cool, and give a protecting layer during winters. Look over many delightful plans and tones to best match your inside. We offers astonishing highlights with pleated blinds, an electric framework permits you to control your blinds with a distant and you may likewise control numerous blinds all at once. You may likewise decide to get the blinds fitted into a perfect-fit edge that requires no penetrating and fits consummately against the window glass into the uPVC outline.